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The best restaurants to try in Los Cabos

The best restaurants to try in Los Cabos

One of the advantages of living in Los Cabos is that you can have all the time in the world to explore the region’s exciting culinary scene.

A weekend is not enough, and so is a week or two, to try all of Los Cabos’s best gastronomic offerings. They come from a variety of sources, from small, family-run diners that tell the story of local success to upscale restaurants helmed by experienced top chefs. Fresh ingredients from local farms or right off the fishing boats that ply the rich waters off the Baja California coast are always the stars of every dish served. Every bite, every morsel is made in honor of this most magical place.

Start your culinary journey in Los Cabos by picking your way through the best restaurants in the area.

  1. Flora’s Field Kitchen
    Animas Bajas, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, MXNestled within the lush 10-acre sprawl of Flora Farms is the world-renowned Flora’s Field Kitchen. Over the years, it has become a dining destination, attracting foodies to this spot outside San Jose del Cabo. Here, the menu is a mix of permanent signature classics and seasonal offerings that make much use of the region’s abundant flora.

    The best thing about dining in Flora’s Field Kitchen is you can treat yourself in a guilt-free manner. The restaurant only serves meat that were humanely raised from the neighboring ranch. All of the ingredients were raised or grown in a sustainable way, whether you’re eating a pizza fresh off their wood-fired oven, licking the house-made sorbet or ice cream off of your spoon, or enjoying a fine cocktail at The Farm Bar.

  2. Edith’s
    Camino a Playa El Medano s/n, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, MX Edith’s is a testament to how passion and ambition can propel you to success. This local restaurant is owned by Edith Jimenez, a Jalapa native who actually used to work for this establishment (known then as Esthela’s) as a waitress. When its original owner passed away, she seized the opportunity and bought the property to run her own restaurant by the sea.

    But this success story isn’t the only thing that has made Edith’s a local and much-revered institution. Their menu, which consists of Baja Californian cuisine with a dash of Guerreran flavors, is exceptional, making loyal patrons out of unassuming first-time diners. Each tortilla is handmade, each fish and lobster served fresh, and each plate of Chile Poblano spectacular. All of Los Cabos’ flavors are here, served extremely well.

  3. Acre
    Calle Sin Nombre, Animas Bajas
    San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, MX Located just outside San Jose del Cabo, Acre is part of Los Cabos’ latest crop of farm-to-table restaurants. What sets it apart from its peers, however, is that Acre takes the experience to another level. It is not merely dining at play. Acre also offers accommodations as well as outdoor recreation that will take its guests closer to Los Cabos’ more authentic side.

    Acre’s on-site restaurant and bar offers “a taste of Baja’s bounty” in the form of innovative cocktails, fresh salad greens grown within the property, cheddar biscuits, and the fresh catch of the day, either seared or grilled to perfection. Guests can stay at the Treehouse Hotel to detach from the usual Baja experience and learn more about Acre’s mission and vision: to become a sustainable resort.

  4. Los Tamarindos
    Calle de las Animas s/n, Animas Bajas, San Jose del Cabo
    Baja California Sur, MXA small dirt road leads to Huerta Los Tamarindos, another one of Los Cabos’ crowning jewels when it comes to farm-to-table dining. Set on an expansive and historic 17-acre organic farm, everything served at Los Tamarindos was grown within the property. If not, they were sourced from local farmers.

    Los Tamarindos uses the best local ingredients to make Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a healthy dose of Mexican flair, but it is the four-hour cooking lessons that beckons guests to make their way outside of San Jose del Cabo. This way, diners get to experience Los Tamarindos and take a part of the entire thing with them back home.

Taste Los Cabos

These are just four of the most loved restaurants in Los Cabos. Use our blog as your handy Los Cabos travel guide to discover more places to love, food to taste, and things to experience. For more information about living in Los Cabos, such as real estate opportunities in the region, contact me today at +52.624.157.6323 or send me an email at iangengosrealty(at)gmail(dotted)com.

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